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How to set up effective meetings
How to set up effective meetings
Learn how to set up enjoyable and effective meetings According to a Harvard Business Review publication, on average, 15% of the total hours of work in an organization is invested in meetings. This percentage increases significantly in the leading position of companies, reaching 33% of the CEO's time. These rates would not be worrying if it wasn't for the fact that several times, meetings can be tedious and unnecessary and definitely will not add...
1 month ago 4 minutes, 27 seconds 28 Jan, 2020 Read more...
How to be a successful employee
How to be a successful employee
Being a successful employee will speed up your career progression "The outstanding employee is not the one who works the most, but the one who does the best" It is a fact that nowadays, we have to deal with a highly competitive work environment every time. And even today, just being responsible and a hard worker is not enough to have a successful career.  Skills that could provide in the past, good working stability, does not guarantee labour ...
2 months ago 3 minutes, 26 seconds 15 Jan, 2020 Read more...
How to deal with difficult colleagues
How to deal with difficult colleagues
Find out how to deal with a not so friendly colleague. It is a fact that having a pleasant working environment and companionship are two of the main aspects that make us happy at work. However, this ideal situation may be affected when we have to deal with some problematic colleagues. Everyone has or had any time a colleague that struggled to make our day become a nightmare. Moreover, they could become our daily labour to such unpleasant level...
2 months ago 4 minutes, 51 seconds 01 Jan, 2020 Read more...
EIE Education Dublin Ireland
EIE Education Dublin Ireland
We are extremely pleased to announce our new partnership with the European Internation Education in Dublin, Ireland. The EIE Education group has a unique understanding education. Moreover, it makes the most of its prime location and greatly encourage learning outside of the classroom. The institution uses technology to enhance the lives of their students. The teachers have access to projectors and CD players. There are also several iPads desig...
6 years ago 1 minute, 14 seconds 20 Jul, 2014 Read more...
I want to ride a bicycle!
I want to ride a bicycle!
If you are tired of local means of transport and as a student cannot afford a car quite yet, there is no better, or more eco friendly solution than a bicycle. I personally recommend a Dutch style bicycle. Tall and solid with an extremely comfortable sit that will keep you in straight up position. Not only it is comfortable but also practical, with a proper size basket hang in the front that will allow you to carry some shopping or a laptop case....
8 years ago 1 minute, 52 seconds 17 Jun, 2012 Read more...
Five main reasons to study abroad
Five main reasons to study abroad
“The world is your oyster” as they say, and it can relate to anything that you do in life. Who hasn’t considered a thrilling adventure of going abroad? In the times when thanks to social networks, mass media and communication channels the whole world is shrinking like a raisin, traveling and planning your experiences abroad couldn’t be easier. That led to study experience abroad gaining on its popularity as well. Here are 5 excellent reas...
8 years ago 1 minute, 47 seconds 02 Jun, 2012 Read more...

I went

Gabrielle Souza(São Paulo, Brasil)
Ireland » Dublin

Since I had arrived in Dublin, I’ve been having such great time! Dublin is a beautiful and fascinating place. I was thrilled about the flowers all over the windows in the streets. The first thing I had thought when I got here was ‘Oh God, I’m going to miss this place’; and the second was ‘I think I’ve made the right choice’. All I can fell at this moment is thankfulness for this amazing opportunity. I have no doubts that this is goi...

Paula Vicente (Valladolid, España)
Ireland » Dublin

Our journey started when we landed in Dublin. Some MD4S' people welcomed us and gave us the typical Ireland hat. Later we met our family and at first I thought they were very talkative and spoke very quickly but at the end of the week, I was also able to understand a little bit more.Dublin is a very big city, more than Valladolid. What I liked most were the colourful Georgian doors. We visited some museums like the National museum, the archaeol...

Nuria Sevilla (Valladolid, España)
Ireland » Dublin

Last month, thirty-five students from fourth grade and first of “bachillerato” went to Ireland for a week. We spent seven wonderful days in Dublin with the Irish: we slept at an Irish house, and the hosts were just great, very nice and smiling all the time, and they cooked really well. We also had classes four hours each day except on St. Patrick's and Bank Holidays. We went on a trip to Galway, an old city in the north-west, driving throu...

Noelia (Valladolid, España)
Ireland » Dublin

  To start with, I have to say that this was great. Surprisingly the weather was good, and only rained for two days, so we were very lucky. The family I stayed with was wonderful, very polite, so I haven't got any complaints. I felt very comfortable with them. Gabriela, the coordinator, and the teachers behaved so good to us!In Dublin we could see some museums, for example the Natural Archaeology and History, where you could touch snakes an...