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The English Studio | Dublin
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Gabrielle Souza(São Paulo, Brasil)
Ireland » Dublin
Since I had arrived in Dublin, I’ve been having such great time! Dublin is a beautiful and fascinating place. I was thrilled about the flowers all over the windows in the streets. The first thing I had thought when I got here was ‘Oh God, I’m going to miss this place’; and the second was ‘I think I’ve made the right choice’. All I can fell at this moment i...
101 3 years ago
Paula Vicente (Valladolid, España)
Ireland » Dublin
Our journey started when we landed in Dublin. Some MD4S' people welcomed us and gave us the typical Ireland hat. Later we met our family and at first I thought they were very talkative and spoke very quickly but at the end of the week, I was also able to understand a little bit more.Dublin is a very big city, more than Valladolid. What I liked most were the colourful Georgian doors. We visited s...
101 4 years ago
Nuria Sevilla (Valladolid, España)
Ireland » Dublin
Last month, thirty-five students from fourth grade and first of “bachillerato” went to Ireland for a week. We spent seven wonderful days in Dublin with the Irish: we slept at an Irish house, and the hosts were just great, very nice and smiling all the time, and they cooked really well. We also had classes four hours each day except on St. Patrick's and Bank Holidays. We went on a tr...
0 4 years ago
Noelia (Valladolid, España)
Ireland » Dublin
  To start with, I have to say that this was great. Surprisingly the weather was good, and only rained for two days, so we were very lucky. The family I stayed with was wonderful, very polite, so I haven't got any complaints. I felt very comfortable with them. Gabriela, the coordinator, and the teachers behaved so good to us!In Dublin we could see some museums, for example the Natural Ar...
100 4 years ago

Nerea (Valladolid, España)
Ireland » Dublin
    Last month I spend a week in Dublin. I stayed with another student in a host family, but we did a lot of activities during the day with all the group. I liked the experience a lot, because we learned about a different country and culture and the host families and the people who came with us were so kind.I think this sort of trips are so interesting in general, because you meet ne...
0 4 years ago
Mario Martinez (Valladolid, España)
Ireland » Dublin
  I was once in Ireland, when I was about 10 years old, with my parents, my uncle, my aunt and my two cousins, but this last trip with my school mates has been completely different.This was my first trip to another country with my school, and it has been amazing!In first place, I have to say that I had forgotten most of the things I saw the other time I was there.I just remembered one of D...
0 4 years ago
Marina Sordo (Valladolid, España)
Ireland » Dublin
Dublin is the capital of Republic of Ireland and it's situated in the east of the island. I'm going to talk about this city because a group of students from 4th ESO and 1st “Bachillerato” went there on a trip. We stayed there for a week in different families.There we went to see some museums like the Natural Museum of Archaeology and History, we saw a lot of monuments like Trinity co...
0 4 years ago
Marina Antolin (Valladolid, España)
Ireland » Dublin
    I love travelling, so I was looking forward to going this trip. We took the plane in Barajas airport (Madrid) on 13th March.The trip was very short and when we arrived in Ireland the weather was very cold compared to Valladolid.A bus took us to meet our Irish families. My partner and I were very lucky, because we had a wonderful family with three children and a lovely dog.We were...
0 4 years ago
Irene Vallverdu (Valladolid, España)
Ireland » Dublin
  My stay in Dublin has been very special and a different experience.The first day we arrived in Dublin we met the family. They were very nice people but it was a bit difficult to understand what they told us. Because they were from Galway and their accent was a tiny bit different. The next days we did a lot of tours, we visited the natural archaeology and history museum, the museum of ...
0 4 years ago
Irene Fernandez (Valladolid, España)
Ireland » Dublin
          Last month I went to Dublin with my classmates on a school trip.On 13th March 2013 we left our high school and a bus picked us up and took us to Madrid airport. We took the slight to Dublin and when we arrived, after two hours and a half approximately, Gabriela was waiting for us and she gave us the typical st. Patrick's hat. Then we got on a bus and we...
0 4 years ago
Inés de la Viuda (Valladolid, España)
Ireland » Dublin
Last month, some students of my high school and I went to Dublin to stay there for a week and study some English.We stayed with a host family, which were very nice to us and that had two children, Jane and Daniel. The kids were six and three years old and they were lovely.During that week we visited the city of Dublin: some museums like Natural, archaeology history museum and the natural museu...
0 4 years ago
Angel Herrero (Valladolid, España)
Ireland » Dublin
  My stay in Dublin has been a pleasant experience. We enjoyed a lot visiting museums, monuments and important buildings, as we learned about the city and its history.We had four hours a day of English classes and the rest of the day we would go around the city and do some sightseeing: we visited the museum of Ireland, Natural history museum, Trinity College, some cathedrals, walked along ...
0 4 years ago
Alvaro Collantes (Valladolid, España)
Ireland » Dublin
This was the first time I visited Dublin. I felt very excited and nervous before going because I didn't know the family.I didn't know if I would like them and if they'd like me too.We arrived home on 13th March and we met Andrew and Lorraine, our host family. We started to feel good immediately, they seemed very friendly.The next days we felt very comfortable in the house. We started to see Dubl...
0 4 years ago
Adrian Arranz (Valladolid, España)
Ireland » Dublin
  When we arrived in Dublin, Gabriela was waiting for us and she gave us some Irish hats for St. Patrick's day. Then we went to our houses and we met the families. We went to bed early because the next day we would start the lessons. The next days we could visit most of the important places of Dublin city, we visited the bank of Ireland building, Trinity College, Stephen Green's Park, Mo...
100 4 years ago


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We are extremely pleased to announce our new partnership with the European Internation Education in Dublin, Ireland. The EIE Education group has a unique understanding education. Moreover, it makes the most of its prime location and greatly encourage learning outside of the classroom. The institution uses technology to enhance the lives of their students. The teachers have access to projectors ...
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If you are tired of local means of transport and as a student cannot afford a car quite yet, there is no better, or more eco friendly solution than a bicycle. I personally recommend a Dutch style bicycle. Tall and solid with an extremely comfortable sit that will keep you in straight up position. Not only it is comfortable but also practical, with a proper size basket hang in the front that will ...
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When you travel abroad, you never know what to really expect. The cultural differences may not only be frightening but also challenging. When it comes to study abroad, and let’s take Ireland here for an example, you may have even more doubts. You are wondering: “How will I adapt? All in all, I am going to spend here quite a while”. Well, the answer is, that Dublin may just be thi...
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It is often said that Chinese is the ‘language of the future’, or at least the most widely spoken language in the world, if only for the fact that 1.5 billion Chinese people speak it. In this regard, Spanish comes in a close second, simply because of the number of countries in which it is spoken. Whilst these assertions indeed have merit, the language most commonly used to communicate ...
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