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A typical college in Ireland

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02 Jun, 2012

When you travel abroad, you never know what to really expect. The cultural differences may not only be frightening but also challenging. When it comes to study abroad, and let’s take Ireland here for an example, you may have even more doubts. You are wondering: “How will I adapt? All in all, I am going to spend here quite a while”. Well, the answer is, that Dublin may just be this place that will allow you to feel like home almost straight away. The atmosphere here is created by students of over 100 nationalites, the trick is not to search for friends from your country, but simple mingle with like-minded friends and enjoy the international atmosphere. Here is when you learn other cultures and languages when meeting your multinational friends in school, park or a pub. The colleges here are different too. Most of them provide you with excellent student support and activities that make you feel welcomed from the first day of your stay. And MD4S also work with those colleges : )  

A typical college in Ireland

Here’s an example of one of the Dublin colleges which name I will not mention for now. The college combines an excellent education, fantastic location, great facilities and a dynamic social and cultural activities program, and it gives you the opportunity to immerse yourself in all the wonderful things in Ireland has to offer. So what can a typical college in Dublin offer:

 - Full-time English programmes run by qualified, dedicated teachers;
- accredited Business and Tourism courses at certificate and diploma levels;
- Courses of others languages eg.: (Italian, Spanish, German and more);
- Arrangements of temporary accommodation, medical insurance, airport  transfer;
- Free English Conversation Exchange every week free;
- Free English Placement Tests run by the Director of Studies;
- Progression to English Cambridge exam preparation courses (IELTS, FCE, CAE and CPE);
- Student support in the following languages: English, Spanish, French, Portuguese, Italian, Korean, German and more;
- Support in the process of applying for a Student Visa (PPS, Bank Account, GNIB);
- Assistance in the letters of reference (Rent / employment and other if necessary);
- Flexible Timetable without administrative fees;
- Fantastic Student Lounge
- Computer Lab and study area;
- Student meet-ups, parties and gathering organised;
- Participation in cultural events, festivals, happenings;
- Local and abroad trips;
- Library with Books, DVDs and learning aids software for all students;
- Kitchen for students;

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