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Why should you study in Ireland?

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02 Jun, 2012

It is often said that Chinese is the ‘language of the future’, or at least the most widely spoken language in the world, if only for the fact that 1.5 billion Chinese people speak it. In this regard, Spanish comes in a close second, simply because of the number of countries in which it is spoken. Whilst these assertions indeed have merit, the language most commonly used to communicate between cultures is English. Being the ‘international language’ it is arguably the most useful, and almost always essential in international job hunting, travel and daily communication.

I love Dublin

That is why, in order to be competitive in an ever more complex job market, English language skills should be carefully honed and perfected. The best way to do this is through emersion; by living in an English speaking country. There is a host of choices available to students wishing to undertake this challenge. Some of the most popular destinations are the UK (most commonly London), the United States and New Zealand. However popular is not always best, and Ireland has consistently topped the ‘best place to learn English list’ over a number of years.  Why? You might wonder. Well, there are several reasons. Here are just a few of the most commonly cited:

- The atmosphere all around the country. Irish people are famous for being gregarious and friendly, from the East to the West and from the North to the South, and that is what makes people feel such a big, warm welcome, from this small little island. Their open hearts, sense of humour and their warm nature can be found in all corners of the country. And Dublin, as Ireland’s capital, is no exception.           
- There’s a famous saying (only perhaps whispered by Irish people), that “the Irish are the Latinos of Europe”. There is certainly a little truth to the myth. Ireland offers a warm, at home feeling from the minute you arrive. The only thing to do is to come here and experience it for yourself.

The unique landscape of the Emerald Isle and the doors of Dublin. There are many charming and unique pockets of Irish landscape, full of lush green hills and mysterious tales. It might be the leprechauns (because they do exist - even if you haven’t seen one yet) or the charm that transforms quaint corners of the Island into mystical experiences. Whether one prefers the countryside or city rush, one of the greatest advantages of living in Ireland is that you can move from one to the other relatively easily.

The vast Irish cultural tradition. Ireland is not only famous for international pop/rock bands (The Cranberries, The Corrs, Snow Patrol, Sinead O’Connor and of course, U2), and its famously talented local musicians, but also for Irish dance and traditional music. The best part is, you don’t need to purchase expensive concert tickets for gigs in huge venues. You can enjoy this lively and intoxicating culture wherever you are (a startling variety of street buskers flank walkways and shop fronts), and almost all pubs around give you the chance to hear (and feel) the best traditional songs and sing along.

The variety of activities that complete your study experience in Dublin and in Ireland. There’re not only activities for tourists in Dublin but also plenty of social events as well and the opportunity to join volunteer work to enrich your soul, along with your intellect.

The advantage of being a student, and I would repeat – the advantage, as Dublin, with hundrets of international students, colourful and fun atmosphere and limitless study options is truly a destination of choice. Furthermore, Ireland is also the only English-speaking destination that allows you to get work experience while studying which affords you both personal and professional development. The colleges and universities in Ireland give you a wide choice of study programmes from language studies (with English as most common) to professional courses from certificate to graduate levels (Business, Marketing, Tourism, Accounting, IT, Human Resource Management and many more), degree programmes, short-term professional training and so forth.

- And last, but not least (although we could go on) – and this is a confession of the writer – the most charming English language accent belongs to Ireland. The way the Irish people speak (despite the differences between the counties, of course) is irresistible, I guarantee you that. Therefore, ‘to be sure to be sure’ the only thing left to do is pack your belongings and get yourself ready to live your own experience!

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