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Gabrielle Souza(São Paulo, Brasil)

Since I had arrived in Dublin, I’ve been having such great time! Dublin is a beautiful and fascinating place. I was thrilled about the flowers all over the windows in the streets. The first thing I had thought when I got here was ‘Oh God, I’m going to miss this place’; and the second was ‘I think I’ve made the right choice’. All I can fell at this moment is thankfulness for this amazing opportunity. I have no doubts that this is going to be worth in many aspects of my life. 

God has been blessing me since my first steps. I found a perfect apartment within the conditions I wanted on my second day. It was almost unbelievable! Surprisingly, the weather was warm which it was great to go around and explore the best of Dublin. I particularly love the Squares and Gardens. They are so beautiful and peaceful; ideal places to spend a pleasant afternoon. Also, I have to say that I’m quite satisfied with my school because they have a friendly team who received me very well and lovely and professional teachers who are always willing to help the students. I also had my good impressions about MD4S confirmed. The agency has provided me all the necessary guidance for the documents proceedings. They have Spanish classes that I’ve been taking and developing my language skills. 

I didn’t have much time to be in many places yet, but the museums, art galleries, parks and some restaurants I’ve been to are quite nice. Especially the old buildings and churches with a medieval architecture caught my attention. They’re very interesting and there is always history behind them.

To sum up, I’ve been having a good time in Dublin. Besides lovely, it’s a place that transmits me peace and joy. I always feel like I’m in a movie! Haha! Definitely, I’m going to miss this place. =) 

Gabrielle Souza 

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